Readers ask: Who Is The Rapper In The Oreo Cookie Commercial?

Who is the black rapper in the Oreo commercial with his son?

Wiz Khalifa And His Son Are Getting Oreo Guap Congratulations to Wiz Khalifa and his superstar son Sebastian who are the stars of a brand spanking new Oreo commercial.

Who’s in the new Oreo commercial?

The brand’s global “Stay Playful” campaign, created by The Martin Agency, debuted in February 2019 with a TV commercial starring musician Wiz Khalifa and his 5-year-old son Sebastian.

Is that Wiz Khalifa in the Oreo commercial?

There were plenty of collaborations on the Grammy Awards this year, but one of the more delightful pairings came during a commercial break—with Wiz Khalifa and his 5-year-old son Sebastian starring in a 30-second Oreo ad launching the new brand platform ” Stay Playful.” Fans of Khalifa weren’t too surprised.

Is that future son in the Oreo commercial?

Oreo has tapped rapper Wiz Khalifa and his young son to star in its new “Stay Playful” campaign, which includes a 30-second commercial that will air during the Grammy Awards on Feb. 10. In the commercial, the rapper, on the phone, holds up a finger and mouths to his son, Sebastian —who clearly wants to play—to hold on.

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Does Snoop Dogg do the Oreo commercial?

Is Snoop Dogg in an Oreo commercial? Snoop Dogg Stars In Dunkin’s New Vegan Sausage Television Commercial. Rapper Snoop Dogg stars in Dunkin’s new national television commercial, featuring Beyond Meat’s vegan sausage breakfast sandwich.

What song is playing in the new Oreo commercial?

But there’s more you probably don’t know about the ad and the sweet song featured in it: ” Playful 4 Life. ”

What martial art does Wiz Khalifa use?

For at least a year, Wiz Khalifa has been training in the martial art of Muay Thai. The full contact combat form has catapulted into popularity thanks to professional UFC fighters. In an interview with Power 106 FM’s The Cruz Show yesterday, Khalifa describes the intensity of his training regimen.

Does future have a commercial with his son?

“I’m so proud! Future Zahir has booked his 1st commercial campaign with @ GapKids @Gap #DreamsDoComeTrue!” Proud papa Hndrxx also gushed about his son’s new campaign. “baby future did a great job for gapkids,” he tweeted.

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