Readers ask: Who Is Rapper Lil B?

How did Lil B get famous?

Since his initial burst on the scene at the age of sixteen with the one-hit-wonder “Vans” by his group The Pack in 2007, Lil B has remained an important figure in the underground rap-scene. Since 2010 he has released 50 mixtapes at a once prolific rate (16 mixtapes in 2012 alone, for instance).

Where is rapper Lil B from?

In 2010 Lil B was punched in the face during a taped interview with fellow Bay Area rapper Lil Nico. Nico was engaging the rapper to pay respect to the Berkeley hip hop scene and send a positive message to rappers from his home town.

Can Lil B actually rap?

The second reason Lil B does not rap good all the time is because he tries to put out so much music that he doesn’t care about how it sounds, or the quality of the production. This is unfortunate because he shows on some songs that he can actually rap well.

What does Lil B stand for?

The BasedGod is the alter ego and rap persona of Brandon McCartney, also known as Lil B.

Did Lil B invent based?

Lil B is hardly the first rapper to claim status as a deity, but he did coin “based” (or “#based”), an adjective he defines vaguely, and which uses to describe his music, his lifestyle, and himself. I asked him why he wrote messages to the Based God. “Just to do it,” he said.

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Why did Lil B hate Kevin Durant?

How did Lil B curse Durant? Since Lil B claims to have access to this higher power known as TheBasedGod, he was able to curse Durant after the Thunder All-Star disparaged his music in 2011.

Is Lil B vegan?

On January 17, 2015, Lil B released “vegEMOJI”, in cooperation with vegan company “Follow Your Heart”, despite the fact that Lil B is not yet a vegan, he has stated that he is cutting down on his consumption of processed foods, and that he is “ashamed of eating meat”.

How tall is Lil B The Based God?

The 26-year-old, whose real name is Dominique Armani Jones, spent Thursday night in custody as police questioned him. He was released on Friday morning.

What is Lil B twitter?


What is Lil B’s real name?

I always was Lil B, Brandon McCartney, but The Based God came about when I was based freestyling in the studio one day, and it hit me. I am the god of based. I am The Based God. I’m the most based out here.

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