Readers ask: Who Is Logic The Rapper?

What happened to Logic the rapper?

Logic has ended his retirement from music after less than a year, announcing to his fans: “I’m back.” The Maryland rapper said that he was retiring following the release of his sixth studio album ‘No Pressure’, which arrived in July 2020.

Why is Logic hated?

Long story short the hip hop community despising Logic is pure rumor. The other answers suggest that people hate him because he “acts black” or because he’s not a mumble rapper. First, the hip hop community knows that he is black, so no one hates him for that.

Why did Logic quit rapping?

Logic, the rapper behind hits like “Everyday” and “Homicide”, has quit music to become a full-time Twitch streamer. In an interview with the Verge, the musician acknowledged that he’s “not this rapper guy”, referring to himself as “just a nerd – I love video games”.

Is rapper Logic still married?

On Thursday, Logic announced his final album, “No Pressure,” would be dropping on July 24th. Logic was previously married to Jessica Andrea but they separated after three years of marriage in September 2018. They have no children together.

Is Logic faster than Eminem?

Logic pumps out 69 words in under nine seconds — that’s faster than the fastest verse of Eminem’s “Rap God.”

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Who was the fastest rapper?

Twista. Twista is commonly considered the fastest rapper of all time, both officially and unofficially. In 1992 he became the Guinness Fastest Rapper Alive, able to drop 11.2 syllables per second. That’s right – 11 syllables in just one second.

What are logic fans called?

He also describes his female fans as ” BobbySoxers “, as well as referring to himself as “Young Sinatra”.

Does logic make his own beats?

Logic has showcased his talents on the piano and drum machine for a few of his songs, but he mostly works with other producers for his music. This next rapper/producer makes it known to his listeners that he does, in fact, produce, mix, master, engineer, and write all of his songs.

Is logic a parent?

Logic announced Wednesday he is coming out of retirement. “I’m back,” the 31-year-old rapper said on social media, hinting that new music is coming on Friday. Last July, Logic told fans he was retiring from music to focus on fatherhood and said his sixth studio album No Pressure would be his last.

Is Logic coming back to rap?

In a letter circulated early this morning, Logic announced his return to the rap game with a letter and a new single, “Intro.” The move is surprising for fans of the MC, who took his retirement announcement seriously back in July of 2020.

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