Readers ask: What Happened To Rapper Chamillionaire?

What app did Chamillionaire sell?

His portfolio includes early investments in: home security system Ring (acquired by Amazon), self-driving car technology Cruise (acquired by GM), and ride-sharing app Lyft which went public in 2018. For a one hit wonder, it’s safe to say Chamillionaire is doing better than a lot of other rappers.

Who is Chamillionaire wife?

A Houston mansion owned by rapper Chamillionaire was repossessed by the bank recently after the place went into foreclosure — but according to the rapper, it was all part of a calculated business decision. But Chamillionaire claims he’s far from broke — quipping, “I still got all the cars.”

What is Kanye West’s net worth?

1.8 billion USD (2021)

Why is Chamillionaire so rich?

In 2009, Chamillionaire met Mark Suster, a fellow entrepreneur, and a venture capitalist. They built a good relationship and the rapper ended up investing in his online video talent agency, Maker Studios. The investment was a massive $1.5 million and it paid off more than tenfold.

How much is Lil Wayne worth in 2020?

What is Lil Wayne’s net worth in 2020? As of 2020, Lil Wayne’s net worth is estimated to be $150 million i.e. Rs. 10,973,625,000, according to a report by

Who is the richest rapper?

The World’s Richest Rappers in 2021

  1. Kanye West (Net worth: $1.3 billion)
  2. Jay-Z (Net worth: $1 billion)
  3. Sean Combs (Net worth: $900 million)
  4. Dr.
  5. Eminem (Net worth: $230 million)
  6. Pharrell Williams (Net worth: $200 million)
  7. Master P (Net worth: $200 million)
  8. Drake (Net worth: $180 million)
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What Chamillionaire net worth?

Net Worth & Salary of Chamillionaire in 2021 As of August 2021, The estimated net worth of Chamillionaire is more than $28 million. By starting his career at a very young age, he went on to amass this money. He has released many albums and singles and has also won many awards.

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