Readers ask: What Happened To Proof The Rapper?

Why was rapper Proof killed?

Shooting and death. On April 11, 2006, Proof was shot three times by Mario Etheridge, once in the head and twice in the chest, after a dispute broke out during a game of billiards on 8 Mile Road in Detroit, Michigan. At the time of his death, Proof’s blood alcohol content was 0.32, four times the legal DUI limit.

What killed Proof?

Eminem paid tribute to his slain best friend and fellow rapper Proof at a packed funeral service Wednesday that included emotional pleas to end violence in the city. “Proof, he loved people, and people loved him. He was just a people magnet.

Are future and Eminem friends?

The movie was one of the best films of 2002 and won the Academy Award for Best Original Song. Mekhi Phifer, 45, played Future alongside Eminem’s Jimmy “B-Rabbit” Smith Jr. Even after nearly two decades, Eminem and Mekhi remain good friends.

Does Eminem smile?

Eminem rarely ever smiles. Whether he is playing his part as a super serious rapper or just not the kind of person who enjoys smiling is another question.

Why did Eminem retire?

After the release of his next album, Encore (2004), Eminem went on hiatus in 2005, partly due to a prescription drug addiction. In the following years, he released the US number one albums The Marshall Mathers LP 2 (2013), Revival (2017), Kamikaze (2018) and Music to Be Murdered By (2020).

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Is 8 Mile a true story about Eminem?

In “8 Mile,” Eminem’s semi-autobiographical movie, Proof’s life was loosely depicted by Mekhi Phifer’s character, the rapper Future.

What is the Proof of like toy soldiers?

In an eerie coincidence, a shooting death of Proof was depicted in Eminem’s 2005 music video for “Like Toy Soldiers,” a song that warns against hip-hop wars escalating into real-life violence. He said Proof knew violence was a part of life, but he never worried about it.

Why did Eminem and D12 break up?

Due to Eminem being on tour for his album Recovery and because of Mr. Porter being his current hype man there were four active members of D12 at the time (Bizarre, Kuniva, Fuzz and Swift). In 2012, Bizarre left the group, citing creative differences.

How did Eminem meet Proof?

Proof was among the most revered MCs in Detroit and befriended fellow Motor City rapper Eminem before joining Em’s rap troupe D12. Proof went on to make a brief appearance in Em’s hit biopic, 8 Mile, and was ever-present in the courtroom in 2001, when Eminem was battling gun charges.

Who died in toy soldiers?

Near the end, Eminem stands shocked seeing the shooting of Bugz. It switches back to the hospital, where Bugz dies, and finishes at his funeral, which has a choir in which the black child and the white child from when Martika starts to sing.

Who’s Eminem’s best friend?

Eminem had lost the best friend he had ever known, the only person who had stood by him since his teens, his right-hand man both on and off-stage. DeShaun Dupree Holton, aka P, Big Proof, Proof or Derty Harry [sic], died at 4.30am on 11 April at the age of 32.

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Did Eminem have friends?

Elton John and Eminem have been friends since they performed together at the 2001 Grammys. Years later, when Eminem was battling an addiction to prescription medication, he turned to John for help.

What are Eminem’s tattoos?

Eminem’s 9 Tattoos & Their Meanings

  • “Ronnie RIP and Detroit City” on his Left Shoulder.
  • “Tribal Bracelet” on his Left Wrist.
  • “ROT IN PIECES” on his Abdomen.
  • “PROOF” on his Left Forearm.
  • “Halie Jade” on his Right Forearm.
  • “Portrait of his Daughter” on his Right Shoulder.

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