Readers ask: Is Lil Nas X Related To The Rapper Nas?

Who are Lil Nas X parents?

The backlash to his Rolling Loud performance deepens The comments received a negative reaction online and now Robert Stafford, the father of Lil Nas X, has offered his thoughts in the form of an Instagram Story. Stafford wrote: “Bruh sit down, you had your time”, over a picture of the two musicians.

Who is Nas dad?

Olu Dara Jones (born Charles Jones III, January 12, 1941) is an American cornetist, guitarist, and singer. He is the father of rapper Nas.

Are Nas and Jay Z friends?

Nas and JAY-Z have worked and partied together over the years, but true rap fans know they weren’t always as friendly as they are today. During a recent appearance on Rick Rubin’s “Broken Record” podcast, Nas reflected on the years-long beef and its alignment with other occurrences in hip hop history.

Does Nas have a kid?

“Ether” is a diss song by American rapper Nas, from his 2001 album Stillmatic. The song was a response to Jay-Z’s “Takeover”, a diss track directed towards Nas and Prodigy.

Did Jay-Z sleep with Nas girlfriend?

Jay Z – Carmen – Nas Jay Z and Nas ‘ beef was a squabble for the ages. He later put his firm biz all the way out there on the song “Supa Ugly” revealing he’d slept with the mother of Nas ‘ child, Carmen Bryan. “I came in your Bentley backseat, skeeted in your Jeep/Left condoms on your baby seat.”

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What’s Beyonce and Jay-Z’s net worth?

Insider reports that Jay-Z is considered hip-hop’s first billionaire. Before the news of the LVMH partnership, Jay and Beyoncé were valued at $1.35 billion. Jay-Z’s fortune isn’t limited to music.

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