Readers ask: Is Anthony Rapp Albino?

Is Anthony Rapp a redhead?

Rapp is usually instantly recognizable for his strawberry blond hair. And the gay star has previously said it’s his natural color – blond with some ginger in it.

How old is Anthony Rapp?

With sandy hair, white-blond brows and eyelashes, and a dusting of beard only a shade darker than his complexion, you might think he’d disappear into any crowd, if it weren’t for those gunmetal blue eyes punctuating the blank canvas of his face.” In addition to acting on Broadway, Rapp has a series of television and

Who plays the female Klingon in discovery?

SFX Make up artists transform actress Mary Chieffo into Head of the Klingon High Council, L’Rell on Star Trek: Discovery.

How much is Kevin Spacey?

In spite of being cut out of movie and TV parts, his current net worth is $100 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Who plays Paul Stamets?

These days, Spacey is reportedly residing with his manager Evan Lowenstein, a former member of the boy band Evan and Jaron, per a THR source. As for where he’s living, that’s up for debate. One source told the outlet that he’d been holed up in London near the Old Vic theater he used to run.

How tall is Anthony Rapp?

1.73 m

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