Readers ask: How To Sound Like Your Favorite Rapper?

How do I learn my favorite rapper?

How To Study Your Favorite Rappers

  1. Figure out what you particularly like about them and start paying close attention and study those areas.
  2. Rhyme Schemes.
  3. Transitions & Setups.
  4. Wordplay.
  5. Bar Sheets.
  6. Memorization.
  7. Flow Transitions.
  8. Vocal Tone.

What rapper sounds the same?

20 Rappers Who Sound Alike

  • Shyne Photo: Getty Images. shyne-biggie.
  • Photos: Getty Images. dmx-ja-rule.
  • wayne-thug. Young Thug and Lil Wayne.
  • ghostface-bronson. Action Bronson and Ghostface Killah.
  • future-rich-homie. Rich Homie Quan and Future.
  • sacario-jigga. Sacario and Jay Z.
  • obie-trice-red-cafe.
  • boosie-moose.

How do you not sound like a rapper?

Expand who you choose to listen to- you can learn a lot from new and different artists. Experiment with new rhyme schemes and tempos. Write and use lyrics that are personal to you and your life. Record yourself practicing a song, take a bit of a break, then listen to it played back by yourself.

Does voice Matter in rap?

The way you project your voice as a rapper is all important. It’s one thing having good lyrics, but if you can’t get your voice out there properly, they won’t have the same effect. Most male rap voices sound better with some bass in it as it makes it sound fuller. It makes your voice sound less ‘small’.

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How can I sound like Eminem?

To sound more like Eminem when you rhyme, play his songs and try to rap along with his lyrics. This will get you acclimated to rapping at the same speed and rhythm that Eminem uses. Continue to listen to rap along with his music until you can keep up with his fast-flowing style.

What to study to be a rapper?

The best way to become a rap artist is to gain experience through on-the-job training consisting of intense music rehearsal, practice, and performance. No degree is required, but applicable programs, such as in music production, are available.

How can I improve my rap flow?


  1. You DON’T Have To Be “Born With It”
  2. Learning Simpler Flows Then Building Up Is Best.
  3. Write To The Beat Or Your Flow Will Sound Wack.
  4. Playing A Musical Instrument Helps.
  5. Going Off Beat Too Much Is Like Double Dribbling.
  6. The More You Write The Easier It Will Be To Hear When You’re Off Beat.

How do rappers learn to flow?

It’s just to help you understand the natural cadence of rap flow. 4 Steps To Find Your Rap Flow

  1. Step 1: Count To 4 – Seriously. 1-2-3-4 Each one of those numbers represents a beat.
  2. Step 2: Identify The Kick And Snare.
  3. Step 3: 1-2-3-4 = Kick-Snare-Kick-Snare.
  4. Step 4: Words Over Beats For Rap Flow.

What rapper sounds like DMX?

Ja Rule and DMX A lot of Ja Rule and DMX’s early work sounded way too similar. Both have deep, husky voices and came with the hard street rap early on, though DMX contained more conscious lyrics.

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What rapper sounds like Mystikal?

Similar To

  • Busta Rhymes.
  • Method Man.
  • Skull Duggrey.
  • Three 6 Mafia.
  • 8Ball and MJG.
  • C-Murder.
  • Lil Jon.
  • Ludacris.

What rapper sounds like Jadakiss?

Similar To

  • Beanie Sigel.
  • Sheek Louch.
  • Styles P.
  • Cam’ron.
  • Cassidy.
  • Clipse.
  • Noreaga.
  • Fabolous.

What makes a rapper great?

A great rapper can sound comfortable over a variety of sounds and production styles, and that comfort points to a mastery of many necessary skills—delivery, flow, clarity. It also points to awareness, which in a more intangible way is what really makes a rapper great.

Do rappers sing in key?

Actual rapping is normally not in any key, and some rap and hip hop has no singing in it. For some rap and hip-hop, the versus are not sung on any specific pitch but the chorus is. Two things that make hip hop and rap vocals unique are: The prevalence of obvious “auto-tune” or pitch correction on sung parts.

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