Readers ask: How To Draw Jeffy The Rapper?

Is Jeffy appropriate for 12 year olds?

Students mimicking the “vulgar antics” of a popular YouTube channel have caused teachers and parents concern. The videos, which have millions of views on YouTube, include lewd behaviors, profanity and violence.

What is wrong with Jeffy?

Jeffy who was introduced to the channel around 2016 is portrayed as a character with learning difficulties who often acts very inappropriately using offensive and sexually explicit language.

Does Jeffy have autism?

Despite suffering from autism and mental retardation, Jeffy has shown traits of intelligence, but in a retarded way at times, such as in Jeffy’s Homework!

Is Jeffy dead?

Trivia. Similarly to Mama Luigi, Jeffy is permanently killed off.

Is Cody a nerd?

Cody is more erudite, mature, intelligent and sensitive than his twin brother Zack. He generally receives good grades in school. He shows less interest in girls than his brother, and typically doesn’t date a lot. He is often refered to as a nerd, though has stated that he prefers “educationally gifted”.

What character is Cody from SML?

Cody Denis Nutkiss (or simply Cody), is one of the main characters in the SML Series. He is a homosexual, nerdy Magikoopa who is best friends with Bowser Junior, Joseph, and Jeffy, despite often being made fun of by them. He is the adopted son of Judy and Tyrone.

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How old is Jeffy?

Jeffy is one of the main characters from the YouTube Plush Series, SuperMarioLogan. He is a 17 year old who is the adopted son of Mario and Rosalina.

What does Bowser Jr look like?

Bowser Jr. is a yellow-skinned Koopa similar to his father with the same yellow and tan skin complexion, as well as a light green head and a Top-ponytail of orange-red hair held by a black tie. He has one small tooth in his mouth and a large snout, as well as small circular eyes that are beady and black in color.

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