Readers ask: How Old Is Harry Mack Rapper?

Is Harry Mack really freestyling?

Harry Mack Is Freestyle Rapping For 10 Hours Straight Freestyle rapper Harry Mack has been entertaining random strangers online with freestyle raps. To celebrate his rising success on YouTube, he plans to do a 10-hour freestyle livestream.

Who is the best freestyle rapper 2021?

Now, Cole serves up a freestyle, courtesy of the LA Leakers, and with a running time of just over 4 minutes, it stands as arguably the best of 2021, so far.

Does Harry Mack have an album?

Improvising is the key and Harry Mack is among the best there is out there. Harry Mack also uses an MXL 990 in the studio to capture his performances, so MXL invited him by their headquarters for a quick challenge and open jam.

How many subscribers does Harry Mack have?

Harry Mack’s YouTube Channel has 1,310,000 subscribers with 325 videos uploaded so far, the overall channel views are 80M.

Where is Harry Mac from?

Harry Mack was born on 17th February 1990 in Los Angeles, California. Harry Mack is an intelligent and multi-talented artist and a rapper who emerged in February 2017 as the freestyle rap wonder of Venice Beach.

Who is the No 1 rapper in world?

1. Drake – Best Rappers In The World. Aubrey Drake Graham, professionally known as Drake is a Canadian singer, rapper, producer and songwriter as well. He is undeniably hip hop’s number one trendsetter since 2009 when he joined the scene.

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Who has the longest freestyle rap?

Alum George Watsky ’10 is always thinking outside of the box. So what did he do when his long-planned tour was postponed due to the pandemic? He came up with an inventive way to raise money for COVID relief, his band, and musicians in need. He broke the Guinness world record for longest freestyle rap on May 7.

Who is the world best rapper?

15 best rappers in the world right now in 2021

  • Tupac.
  • The Notorious B.I.G.
  • Eminem.
  • Kendrick Lamar.
  • Jay-Z.
  • Nas.
  • Drake.
  • Lil Wayne.

How old is Kendrick Lamar?

Kendrick Lamar Duckworth was born June 17, 1987, in Compton, California. He’s the oldest of four children.

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