Readers ask: A Township Tale Rapper?

What is the point of A Township Tale?

On its face, Township Tale is a game about finding an abandoned town and working together with friends to fix it up and create a functional community. Along the way there’s tons to explore and discover.

Who made A Township Tale?

These will tell the story of the world and really challenge players’ skills at the game. A magic system is also on its way and will play a major role in how players form parties to go on adventures. There are a lot of ideas and designs yet to see light in A Township Tale.

Can you play township tale on Rift s?

A Township Tale currently runs on HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift. Any headsets that use OpenVR also work, and soon coming to Oculus Quest, July 15th 2021!

How many players does a township tale have?

Created by Australian studio Alta, A Township Tale is an open-world fantasy game that blends survival gameplay with classic role-playing mechanics to offer players an addicting multiplayer VR experience. The game allows you and up to seven other players to band together to become a working village.

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Can you play a township tale solo?

On Oculus, all players start with 1 server. This gives players the freedom to enjoy A Township Tale alone or with friends in their own world, or even open up their server to everyone.

Can you build in a township tale?

You’re Here To Build Wait, so what do you actually do in A Township Tale? Well, in the early game at least, the answer is quite simply to build. As you go, you’ll start expanding your suite of tools to let you venture further out into the wilds and, eventually, the game will have a much bigger scope.

Can I play a township tale without VR?

You can get it without VR, just grab the launcher in our discord – Go to the Store and get it.

How do you get a township tale on PC?

Head to A Township Tale’s website to sign up and download. If you’re looking for the download link, check out the Download Page. It is also recommended to join the A Township Tale Discord. For further help playing, check out the Getting Started guide.

When was a township tale released?

Can you play A Township Tale Sitting Down? Yes! A Township Tale will most likely be played sitting down although you may have some issues with placing items on your belt or pulling items out of the floor.

How much is a township tale?

A Township Tale is free-to-play on PC, where Talems are sold in bundles for real-world cash—the lowest denomination costs $10 for 1,000 Talems. The same is true for the Quest version of the game, although that $10 initial purchase price comes with 1,000 Talems already.

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Where can I play a township tale?

A Township Tale is now available on the Oculus Quest Store! Get the game on the Quest Store! A Township Tale is a multiplayer VR RPG medieval fantasy game, where players band together to form a society, explore dungeons and work in a town as blacksmiths, woodcutters, farmers and many more!

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