Quick Answer: Who Is The Fastest Rapper In 2018?

Who is the fastest rapper in?

Who is the fastest rapper in the world in 2021?

  1. Eminem. Image: gettyimages.com.
  2. Busta Rhymes. Image: gettyimages.com.
  3. Twista minutes. Image: gettyimages.com.
  4. Outsider. Image: commons.wikimedia.org.
  5. Tech N9ne. Image: gettyimages.com.
  6. Twisted Instane. Image: commons.wikimedia.org.
  7. Krayzie Bone. Image: gettyimages.com.
  8. Tonedeff.

Who is the fastest rapper 2020?

On ‘Rap God’, Eminem’s fastest verse is broken down to 9.6 syllables-per-second. On the third verse of ‘Godzilla’, Eminem raps 229 words in 30 seconds. That breaks out to 7.6 words-per-second or 11.3 syllables-per-second. Eminem and Juice WRLD will now enter the Guinness Book of World Records.

Who is the fastest rapper in Nigeria 2019?

Below are the top 10 best and fastest rappers in Nigeria today in 2021.

  1. Olamide. Olamide Baddo is the current YBNL record label boss.
  2. M.I Abaga. M.I Abaga is currently the best Nigerian fastest rapper who knows how to carefully manipulate words without hitch.
  3. Phyno.
  4. Reminisce.
  5. Illbliss.
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Who is the best rapper 2017?

1. Kendrick Lamar. Notable releases: DAMN. Picking anyone other than Kendrick Lamar for best rapper of 2017 almost feels like you’re being deliberately contrarian.

Is logic faster than Eminem?

Logic pumps out 69 words in under nine seconds — that’s faster than the fastest verse of Eminem’s “Rap God.”

Is Twista faster than Eminem?

While he’s definitely one of the fastest rappers, Eminem doesn’t hold the number one spot. The Guiness Book of World Records has listed Chicago MC Twista as the World’s Fastest Rapper.

Is Godzilla Eminem faster than rap god?

Eminem’s New Track ‘Godzilla’ Just Broke the World Record for Fastest Rap Verse. The controversial artist spits bars at 10.65 syllables per second on the track’s third verse. According to Genius, the verse outpaces his previous speedy hit ‘Rap God’, and his feature on Nicki Minaj’s ‘Majesty’.

Is Speedom faster than Godzilla?

Is Speedom faster than Godzilla? Speedom is 12.5 syllabels per second which is just a bit slower than Godzilla’s 12.6 syllabels per second.

Is rap god faster than Godzilla?

In total, the 3-min 31-sec “Godzilla” contains 959 words from start to end (an average of 4.54 words per second) – considerably less than the 1,560 words that appear in the 6-min 4-sec “Rap God ” (an average of 4.28 words per second), which retains the title for the most words in a hit single.

Who is the richest girl in Nigeria?

Folorunsho Alakija na Nigerian billionaire businesswoman and philanthropist. Alakija dey ranked as di richest woman for Africa by Forbes Magazine.

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Who is the best Hausa rapper 2020?

Their is no doubt that Hausa hip hop will soon become one of the top most valued and accepted gener of music world wide.

  • DJ Abba. Dj A.B (Abba) is a Producer, Rapper and a Singer based in Kaduna Nigeria (Typical Hausaboy).
  • B.O.C.

Who is the best rapper of all time in Nigeria?

He is a very popular rapper in Nigeria. He is popularly referred to as Badoo. His full name is Olamide Adedeji. Olamide is no doubt the best rapper in Nigeria.

Who is the number 1 rapper?

1. Drake – Best Rappers In The World. Aubrey Drake Graham, professionally known as Drake is a Canadian singer, rapper, producer and songwriter as well. He is undeniably hip hop’s number one trendsetter since 2009 when he joined the scene.

Who is the greatest rapper of all time?

The 10 Best Rappers of All Time

  • Eminem.
  • Rakim.
  • Nas.
  • Andre 3000.
  • Lauryn Hill.
  • Ghostface Killah.
  • Kendrick Lamar.
  • Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne’s commercial success speaks for itself — just ask Elvis, whom Weezy surpassed three years ago as the artist with the most Billboard Hot 100 hits of all time.

Who won rap song of the year?

Megan Thee Stallion has won the 2021 Grammy Award for Best Rap Song for the Beyoncé-assisted “Savage.” The Texas rapper won the award over Drake (“Laugh Now Cry Later”), Lil Baby (“The Bigger Picture”), DaBaby (“ROCKSTAR”), and Roddy Ricch (“The Box”).

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