Quick Answer: How Much Is The Rapper Fabolous Worth?

How much is Fabolous worth 2021?

As of 2021, Fabolous’ net worth is estimated to be roughly $8 million. John David Jackson, known best as Fabolous, is an American rapper, record producer, musician and vocal singer from New York.

How much is DMX worth right now?

Despite the successes, DMX experienced in both music and film his legal issues continued to follow him through his life. DMX filed for bankruptcy several times and currently owes more than $1.2 million in child support. As a result of this, DMX’s net worth has clearly suffered, and currently sits at -$1 million.

How does Fabolous make money?

The estimated Fabolous net worth is 20 million dollars. The rapper’s profit comes from selling albums and performing his songs. Like any other artist, he also gets his per cent from iTunes, Google music, streaming platforms and soundtracks.

Where is R Kelly net worth?

Kelly’s net worth is currently negative $2 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The disgraced singer, who was born Robert Sylvester Kelly, said in court documents filed last year — in an attempt to get him released on bail — that he owes nearly $1.9 million to the IRS alone, TMZ reported.

Does DMX still have money?

DMX is an American rapper who rose to fame in the 1990s. He previously enjoyed a successful career in the music industry, selling more than 70 million albums throughout the world. We recently learned that his net worth is an incredible negative $10 million.

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