Quick Answer: Don Dada Rapper?

Where is the rapper Don DaDa from?

Born: May 16, 1975 Delray Beach, Florida. Dade Don DaDa currently lives in Palm Beach County, Florida. Lloyd Harley a native of Florida, aka”Don DaDa” first came to prominence in the late 80s, when he began rapping in night clubs along Delray Beach.

Is Alpoko not locked up?

After serving almost a decade in prison, Alpoko Don came home to Greenville, South Carolina in May of 2012 and started banging on his porch with a pen and rapping to it. He uploaded the videos to Youtube under the name Dondada and they quickly racked up millions of views.

What is a Dondadda?

Definitions of “Don dada” (Slang) The highest ranking boss in any activity; the most respected.

How do you spell Don Dada?


Why is Don Dada in jail?

Hood Dynasty’s Champ Tha Don Dada surrenders in credit card fraud scheme. BIRMINGHAM, Alabama – One of six people sought in an extensive credit card fraud scheme that helped fund Birmingham–based rap group “Hood Dynasty” is in custody.

What does Don Dada do for living?

With a collective following of over 175 000 fans on social media, Tshepo Pitso who is popularly known as Material Don Dada is undoubtedly a leading fashion underdog in South Africa. The 27 year old from Soweto is a self-taught graphic designer, fashion designer, video editor, drone pilot as well as an entrepreneur.

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What does Don mean patois?

don (Noun) Meaning/Description: used like the Italian term for male mafia bosses, gangsta,man that runs things,well respected person.

What’s the Don mean?

The word Don is a title for men in Spanish and don is a term for the head of a mafia family. Don has a few other senses as a noun. When used as a verb, don means to put on clothing. When you don a fancy hat, you place it on your head. Sometimes don is used to indicate that you’re putting on fancy clothes.

What is the meaning of head honcho?

chiefly US, informal.: the person with the most authority.

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