Quick Answer: Did Something Happen To A Rapper?

Did Biz Markie really die?

TEXAS (WJW) — Rapper Lil Loaded, 20, has passed away. The rapper, whose legal name is Dashawn Robertson, died Monday. His attorney, Ashkan Mehryari, told The Dallas Morning News he died by suicide.

What killed Markie Biz?

In April 2020, Markie was hospitalized due to severe complications from Type 2 diabetes. In December 2020, it was reported that Markie was staying in a rehabilitation facility as a result of a stroke he had suffered after going into a diabetic coma. On July 1, 2021, rumors of his death circulated on Twitter.

Who Sing he just a friend?

As of 2021, Lil Loaded net worth is estimated to be $400,000. His primary source of income is from a record deal, live events, online monetization, and streaming services like YouTube. He is just at the start of his rapping career and there is more of him to come in the next 3, 4 years.

Who was Lil Loaded GF?

Lil Loaded alleged girlfriend Kendria is active on Instagram. She goes under the username @iamkendriaaa on the platform. To date, she has more than 6.4k followers, and she has followed around 770 users.

Is loaded dead?

“No, Marinette couldn’t possibly be in love with me, she’s just a friend who loves fashion. To him this is just a fact, Marinette doesn’t view him as more than a friend, besides there’s Luka.

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What does just a friend mean?

: a friend with whom one is not in a romantic relationship when one might possibly be Sara and Joe say they are just friends.

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