Quick Answer: A Star Rapper From Liverpool?

What rappers are from Liverpool?

These 5 artists from Liverpool tell vivid stories of tough inner city life.

  • Tremz. Instagram. Instagram.
  • Bally Jones. Lab TV / YouTube.
  • LDee. YouTube.
  • Aystar. Tim Westwood / YouTube.
  • Rayzer. Instagram.

Where is Aystar rapper from?

Raised on the streets of Toxteth Liverpool in the 90’s, the area still feeling the aftermath of the riots a decade earlier, Aystar has become the voice of the Liverpool underworld. Painting vivid pictures with his lyrics of what it’s like growing up in the northwest of England.

Where in Liverpool is Aystar from?

Liverpool’s most-likely-to, Aystar is the real deal. From the streets of Wavertree and Toxteth, Aystar is championed by the Godfather of Grime, Wiley and mentored by London MC K Koke.

Who is the best UK drill artist?

Uk Drill Artists

  • loski. 34,997 listeners.
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  • Karma. 82,694 listeners.
  • Abra Cadabra. 39,933 listeners.
  • Harlem Spartans. 10,046 listeners.
  • Headie One. 184,352 listeners.
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  • 20,978 listeners.

What team does NAS support?

#15 Nas – Everton and Jay-Z – Arsenal Nas being an Everton fan is not known for certain. But judging by this tweet from the Everton FC official account in 2014, the veteran rapper is a Toffees fan. It sort of seems fit that nasty Nas is an Everton fan, a club known for their hard-tackling and never-say-die attitude.

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What rappers are in OFB?

OFB, also known as Original Farm Boys, is a British hip hop collective based in Broadwater Farm, London. Members

  • Akz.
  • Bandokay.
  • Bradz.
  • Dee One.
  • Dezzie.
  • Double Lz.
  • Dsavv.
  • DZ.

Who is the best UK rapper?

Check out our best picks for the Top 40 Most Influential British Hip Hop Rappers in the UK 2019.

  • Stefflon Don.
  • Stormzy.
  • Dave.
  • Ray Blk.
  • Fredo.
  • Dizzee Rascal.
  • Skepta.
  • AJ Tracey.

What is British rap called?

Grime is an eclectic style of British rap music that emerged in London in the early 2000s. Evolving from the UK garage music scene of the 1990s in London, grime music also includes hip hop, rap, and hardcore techno influences.

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