Question: Who Is Daylyt The Rapper?

What is wrong with Daylyt?

I’ve been diagnosed for schizophrenia numerous times. I really don’t know who I am.” Daylyt’s third-round antic involved him telling the audience he was out of medication and then having a fit where he ripped off his costume off convulsed on the stage, so this interview could be as much a set-up as a confession.

What does Daylyt have tattooed on his face?

The MC also explains why he chose to expose himself during another battle, facing female MC. (19:00) Besides bodily emissions and nudity, Daylyt is widely recognized for his face tattoo. Sway asks about the history behind the broad lines that cover his face. As he tells it, the marks are more than just ink or fashion.

Does Daylyt still battle rap?

Daylyt (real name: Davone Campbell) is an American battle rapper from Watts, California. He currently has 78 battles catalogued, which total 31,135,009 views.

How much is the rapper Daylyt worth?

Therefore, Daylyt has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Is Daylyt on TDE?

Its members include TDE president Punch, battle rapper Daylyt, and extraordinary South Carolina rapper Nick Grant, whose stellar lyrical skills often go unnoticed.

Is Daylyt a troll?

Daylyt has made a name for himself off his insane antics, viral interviews and otherworldly rap skills. Daylyt Is More Than Just A Troll! When anyone first finds out about Daylyt it’s usually through something ridiculous he said or did.

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Is Daylyt a gangster?

Davone Campbell (born February 14, 1985), known by his stage name Daylyt, is one of the most entertaining and controversial rappers of the modern era. “Quill” hails from Watts, California and claims to be a Grape Street Crip. He has a face tattoo inspired by the comic book character Spawn.

Who is Daylyt brother?

One person that we’ve never from is the rapper’s “white half- brother Bradley,” who appeared during an interview with DJ Vlad to reveal he had a hand in getting Tekashi 6ix9ine locked up.

What is Daylyt real name?

Daylyt was born as Davone Campbell.

Who is Daylyt signed to?

Hitman is known for his rap battle performance in rap battle leagues Battle America and SMACK/URL. As of 2021, Hitman Holla net worth is estimated to be around $3 million.

How much is Charlie Clips worth?

The rapper Charlie Clips’ net worth is estimated at $700,000. Charlie earns his fortune from his career as a battle rapper and also being an integral part of the show Wild ‘N Out.

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