Question: Where Is Rapper Lil Snupe From?

Where did Lil Snupe grow?

Born Addarren Ross and raised in Winnfield, Louisiana, Snupe’s short but promising career began to skyrocket when he handed a demo to Maybach Music artist Meek Mill.

Is Lil Snupe from Jonesboro?

Lil Snupe was born in Jonesboro, Louisiana in 1995. Born Addarren Ross, Snupe frequently got into trouble as a kid and alludes to spending time in juvenile detention in his music. In 2013, Lil Snupe spoke about that day with MTV news. “He (Meek Mill) was in a van, they was finna pull off.

Who is Lil Snupe father?

Lil Snupe’s father, Charlie Brown, was incarcerated when Snupe was tragically murdered in 2013. When he was released this month, he decided to visit his son’s grave for the first time.

Who signed Lil Snupe?

Millennium Era

How old would Lil Snupe be today?

We Reminisce Over You: Lil’ Snupe Would Have Turned 25-Years Old Today.

How did Meek Mill meet Lil Snupe?

“I’m proud of all the songs,” Meek said about Dreamchasers 3. “But the Lil Snupe song meant the most to me.” Meek first met Lil Snupe during a show at Grambling University, when the latter rapper was only 17 years old. “We were on our way back to the airport, a little kid knocked on the window and gave us a demo.

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When did Lil Snupe get killed?

Lil Snupe, 18, was shot to death on June 20, according to an Associated Press report. The AP reported that an argument broke out during a video game at a friend’s apartment and Lil Snupe was shot twice in the chest.

What killed Lil Snupe?

Police say 18-year-old Addarren Ross was killed around 4 a.m. at the Maplewood Apartments in Winnfield, according to CBS affiliate KNOE 8. Ross, known as Lil Snupe, had two gunshot wounds.

Who is Lil Snupe mother?

Lil Peep, whose real name was Gustav Åhr, was signed to the label at the age of 19. He achieved mainstream success with the album Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 1. He died aged 21 after being found unresponsive on a tour bus in Arizona.

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