Question: What Happened To Special Ed The Rapper?

What ethnicity is special ed?

Biography. Born in Brooklyn, New York City to an Afro-Jamaican father and Indo-Jamaican mother, Ed was raised in Flatbush before moving to Canarsie, and is identified with east coast hip-hop.

How old is Rapper Special Ed?

This rate varies dramatically by race and ethnicity. African Americans are the most likely to have a disability (14 percent) followed by Non-Hispanic Whites (11 percent), Latinos (8 percent) and Asians (5 percent) (Figure 2).

What race has the most disabilities?

At the national level, Native Americans have the highest disability rate among working-age adults (16 percent), followed by blacks (11 percent), whites (9 percent), Hispanics (7 percent), and Asians (4 percent). Yet disability rates by race and ethnicity also vary greatly among metro areas.

What is special ed real name?

Special Ed net worth: Special Ed is an American hip hop musician who has a net worth of $1 million. Special Ed was born in Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York in May 1972. He released his debut studio album Youngest in Charge in 1989.

What is Ed kid?

: classes for children who have special needs because of physical or learning problems.

Is IEP sped?

IEP stands for Individualized Education Program. An IEP lays out the special education instruction, supports, and services a student needs to thrive in school. IEPs are part of PreK–12 public education.

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What race has the most genetic disorders?

Examples of genetic conditions that are more common in particular ethnic groups are sickle cell disease, which is more common in people of African, African American, or Mediterranean heritage; and Tay-Sachs disease, which is more likely to occur among people of Ashkenazi (eastern and central European) Jewish or French

What percentage of disabled people are white?

White: 1 in 5 have a disability.

How many African Americans have a disability?

Approximately 6 million African Americans in the U.S. live with a disability of some kind. In fact, African Americans have the highest rate of disability of all segments of the population at a little over 20 percent.

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