Question: What Happened To Mase The Rapper?

Is Mase still a pastor?

Pastor Mase is back. The legendary Hip-Hop star and preacher is now the leader of Gathering Oasis Church in Atlanta. The church announced his leadership this past Sunday. Born Mason Betha, the Bad Boy Records superstar originally retired from rap in 1999 to become a minister.

What ever happened to Mase the rapper?

In 1999, Mase famously retired from hip-hop to pursue a calling from God. Mase then became an ordained minister as well as continued his studies at Clark Atlanta University. After a five-year hiatus, Mase returned to the rap game releasing his comeback album, Welcome Back, and aligning himself with 50 Cent’s G-Unit.

Why did Mase and Diddy fall out?

Rapper Mase calls out Diddy for ‘extremely unfair’ business practices. At the Clive Davis pre-Grammy gala, winner of the Industry Icon award Sean “Diddy” Combs had a message to deliver: The industry needs to get its act together in terms of diversity.

What did Diddy do to Mase?

On Instagram, Mase accused Combs of underpaying him for song publishing from his early days as a Bad Boy artist. “This is not black excellence at all,” Mase wrote. “When our own race is enslaving us. If it’s about us owning, it can’t be about us owning each other.”

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Who beat Mase?

The two entourages got into a scuffle with Mase came out of it with a broken jaw and a new life lesson. While it has long been believed that Ghostface was the one who broke Mase’s jaw, it was actually his affiliate, I-Cham, who did the dirty deed as clarified by Ghostface on the Supreme Clientele track “Malcolm.”

Who is under Badboy records?

It operates as an imprint of Epic, a division of Sony. It has been home to many artists, including Craig Mack, The Notorious B.I.G, Faith Evans, Mase, 112, Total, The Lox, Machine Gun Kelly, French Montana, Cassie, Janelle Monáe, Day 26, and Elephant Man.

Who is the girl singing in Mo Money Mo Problems?

Diddy Put on Blast for Not Paying His Artists After Demanding Corporate America Properly Pay Black Communities. Diddy is not receiving a warm reception from social media users after writing a letter demanding corporate America pay Black folks properly and sharing it across multiple platforms.

What is the bad boy curse?

There were rumors of deals gone wrong, missing money, bribery, and the idea of a “Bad Boy curse” developed. This theory said that anyone associated with Diddy and the label Bad Boy will run into trouble, their career will fail, or they’ll end up in prison, like Loon and Shyne.

What does Mase mean?

Filters. To act as a maser; to emit or subject to maser radiation.

How much is Mase Publishing worth?

Many others still begged the question: if Mase is willing to pay millions for his catalogue to get it back, then what is it worth? Most likely, it is worth $25 million.

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