Question: Does Eminem Like Chance The Rapper?

What modern rappers does Eminem like?

Even though Slim Shady underlined that he raps “to be the best rapper,” he named Lil Wayne, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Joyner Lucas as his personal favorite MCs in the same game (when he’s not distinguishing a certain era).

Does Ice Cube like Eminem?

Because Ice Cube doesn’t like Eminem, he’s jealous of Eminem’s success. He did say he is a fan and he is willing to work on a collaboration.

Are DAX and Eminem friends?

Following Eminem’s “Godzilla” debuting at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100, Dax took it upon himself to tag along and put his own spin on the bouncy D.A. Doman-produced track, releasing a new remix video over the weekend. “Me and Eminem, bi—, we’re identical twins/ We’re inseparable,” he raps on an open road.

Is DAX dissing Eminem?

Canadian rapper Dax, who has previously remixed several Eminem songs and gave dozens of shout outs to Slim Shady, drops another song, giving another shout out to rap god, along with Hopsin, Tupac and J. Cole.

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Why does Eminem hate mumble rappers?

Eminem does not believe in the concept of mumble rap because it involves mincing the words to make it fluent and free-flowing, which sometimes means just producing songs with small and repetitive words as Lil Pump did with his single Gucci Gang. Read more about the Detroit-based rapper’s views on mumble rap.

Who is Eminem’s Favourite rappers?

Eminem’s favourite rappers of all time: Jay-Z. Redman. Treach. Kool G Rap.

How much did Eminem make 2020?

One of these artists is Eminem. He is ranked 14th on the list, with $9.7 million made in 2020.

Has Eminem made an Ice Cube song?

Ice Cube, who is mentioned by Eminem on “ Rap God,” says that the song by the Detroit rapper has remarkable lyrics. “That song is lyrically incredible,” Ice Cube said during an interview with “And thank God, you know. “Me, I’m a product of Rakim, Lakim Shabazz, 2Pac, N.W.A,” Eminem raps on the song.

Who introduced Eminem to Dr. Dre?

“I heard something in the kid who gave it to me,” Dre’s partner in crime, Jimmy Iovine, told Rolling Stone. “He was 19, an intern. He said, ‘I heard a tape on the street, at this rapathon. ‘ I said, ‘Tell you what – people helped me a lot when I was your age.

Who is the best rapper in the world?

Without further ado, let’s get to it.

  1. Eminem. Album Sales (49.1m), №1 Albums (9), №1 Hits (5), №1 Rap Songs (4)
  2. Jay-Z. Album Sales (30.6m), №1 Albums (11), №1 Hits (4), №1 Rap Songs (13)
  3. Drake. Album Sales (12.1m), №1 Albums (7), №1 Hits (6), №1 Rap Songs (26)
  4. Nelly.
  5. Kanye West.
  6. 50 Cent.
  7. Ludacris.
  8. Lil Wayne.
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Who has the world record for fastest rap?

Eminem released Rap God seven years ago today and it became the title holder for ‘Fastest rap in a number one single’ with 97 words in 15 seconds – 6.46 words per second.

Who is Dax signed to?

23 Fast Facts About One True Rap God – Eminem.

Who is the king of rap?

Eminem has been crowned the King of Hip-Hop by Rolling Stone. The magazine took a look at solo rappers who released albums from 2009 to the present, taking into account album sales, rankings on the R&B/hip-hop and rap charts, YouTube video views, social media, concerts grosses, awards and critics’ opinions.

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