Question: Did Rapper Prodigy Die?

How did Prodigy died autopsy?

Mobb Deep half Prodigy ultimately died from unintentional suffocation, not sickle cell anemia, an autopsy is expected to show. The Mobb Deep rapper died on June 20th, though the cause of death remains unknown. Earlier, it was confirmed that Prodigy had been committed to hospital care for chronic sickle cell anemia.

Is prodigy a real gangster?

Prodigy, better known to ’90s rap aficionados as the prodigious half of Queensbridge duo Mobb Deep, has made a successful career operating on the assumption that real gangsta rap can never die.

How long did prodigy go to jail for?

October 8, 2007, Prodigy was sentenced to serve three-and-a-half years in prison for illegal possession of a firearm. Originally facing a mandatory sentence of 15 years in prison, Prodigy struck a deal with the prosecution, and pleaded guilty in exchange for the shorter prison sentence.

What killed prodigy?

June 20, 2017

Who is Prodigy’s father?

Prodigy, born Albert Johnson, served three years for criminal possession of a weapon. Prodigy, one half of the rap group Mobb Deep, was arrested in Oct. 2006 after his vehicle was searched by police when Prodigy, who was accompanied by friend/producer The Alchemist, made an illegal u-turn.

What is Prodigy net worth?

Flint’s estimated net worth is believed to be about $15 million. Which he grew throughout his impressive career.

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