Question: A Mill Rapper?

Did half a mil kill himself?

Brooklyn bred rapper Half-A-Mil was found shot to death in his apartment last week in the Albany Projects. Half-A-Mil released two albums, his debut Million and the follow up, Da Hustle Don’t Stop, which were released on Warlock Records.

What does half a mil mean?

Mil means the same as million. We sold our house back in Vegas–made quite a nice half-mil profit on it.

Who killed Soulja Slim in New Orleans?

Soulja Slim, a rapper known for his gritty street smart lyrics is still considered one of the founders of what is New Orleans rap. In 2003 months after Slim was killed, police arrested Garelle Smith, a man believed to have been responsible for Slim’s death.

What is the Fullform of mil?

The definition of MIL is short for mother-in-law. An example of a MIL is your husband’s mother.

Does Mill mean million?

Mill is a common slang abbreviation for million.

What does the name mil mean?

Meaning of Mil: Legendary son of Dugum. Mil Origin: Welsh.

Who murdered Big L?

On February 15, 1999, Coleman was shot nine times by Gerald Woodley, in East Harlem, New York, his hometown. He died from his injuries.

How tall is Soldierboy?

1.73 m

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