Often asked: How Did Rapper Pimp C Die?

How much was Pimp C worth at death?

The Port Arthur estate that once belonged to rapper Pimp C was valued at $309,000.

What medical condition did Pimp C have?

An overdose of cough syrup and a preexisting sleep apnea condition killed Chad Butler, better known as rapper Pimp C, according to the Los Angeles County Coroner. His death has been ruled an accident. Butler was found dead in a Los Angeles hotel on Dec. 4.

How old was Pimp C when he died?

Pimp C, the rapper who helped define Southern hip-hop with his group, UGK, was found dead in a hotel room in West Hollywood, Calif., yesterday morning. He was 33. His record label, Jive, confirmed the death.

Where did Pimp C die?

Edgar Givens (1976 – 18 April 1994), better known by his stage name Pimp Daddy, was an American rapper signed to Cash Money Records. Shortly after the release of his debut album Still Pimpin, Givens was shot to death by a brother of his girlfriend in the New Orleans projects.

Who is Pimp C wife?

UGK rapper Pimp C’s death was the result of an overdose that was triggered by a large consumption of codeine medication combined with a pre-existing sleep condition, according to the Los Angeles County coroner’s office.

Is Bun B and Pimp C related?

UGK (short for Underground Kingz) was an American hip hop duo from Port Arthur, Texas, formed in 1987, by Chad “Pimp C” Butler and Bernard “Bun B” Freeman. Pimp C founded UGK Records in late 2005. On December 4, 2007, Pimp C died in his West Hollywood, California hotel room.

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Where is Pimp C originally from?

Crowley, Louisiana, United States

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