Often asked: How Did Proof The Rapper Die?

What happened to Proof and Eminem?

D12 rapper and longtime friend of Eminem, Proof, was shot and killed this morning at a Detroit club called 3C, located on the city’s famed Eight Mile. Police were called to the scene in early this morning after reports of gunfire and fighting at the venue, which was operating illegally after-hours.

How did rappers die?

Over the years, several successful rappers have perished before their time, due to murder, drug overdoses, natural causes, and a variety of other reasons. Some rappers were shot, while others perished from cancer and heart attacks.

Are future and Eminem still friends?

The movie was one of the best films of 2002 and won the Academy Award for Best Original Song. Mekhi Phifer, 45, played Future alongside Eminem’s Jimmy “B-Rabbit” Smith Jr. Even after nearly two decades, Eminem and Mekhi remain good friends.

Where is Proof buried?

Paying tribute to Proof, who was best man at his January wedding, Eminem said: “Without Proof there would be no Eminem, no Slim Shady, no D12.” Proof was later buried at Detroit’s Woodlawn Cemetery; he is survived by his wife and five children.

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Who was the first rapper?

Coke La Rock is known for being the first rapper to ever spit rhymes after teaming up with DJ Kool Herc in 1973 and both are recognized as the original founding fathers of Hip Hop. Rap music was originally underground.

Who is the best rapper in the world?

Without further ado, let’s get to it.

  1. Eminem. Album Sales (49.1m), №1 Albums (9), №1 Hits (5), №1 Rap Songs (4)
  2. Jay-Z. Album Sales (30.6m), №1 Albums (11), №1 Hits (4), №1 Rap Songs (13)
  3. Drake. Album Sales (12.1m), №1 Albums (7), №1 Hits (6), №1 Rap Songs (26)
  4. Nelly.
  5. Kanye West.
  6. 50 Cent.
  7. Ludacris.
  8. Lil Wayne.

Is future in 8 Mile actually future?

In “8 Mile,” Eminem’s semi-autobiographical movie, Proof’s life was loosely depicted by Mekhi Phifer’s character, the rapper Future. “I had a lotta names, baby,” Future says. While the shooting once again draws attention to hip-hop violence, Eminem is trying to keep the attention on his old friend.

Is 8 miles a true story?

‘8 Mile’ is partially based on a true story. The film contains many similarities and parallels to Eminem’s experiences of living in Detroit. The character of Future is said to be based on Eminem’s real-life close friend and rapper Proof. However, the film also features large deviations from Eminem’s real life.

How true is the movie 8 Mile?

‘8 Mile ‘ is in part in line with a real tale. The movie accommodates many similarities and parallels to Eminem’s reports with lifestyles in Detroit. The name refers to a street referred to as a divide between the rich white inhabitants of Detroit and the deficient however major black inhabitants.

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Did Eminem pay for proofs funeral?

Eminem paid tribute to his slain best friend and fellow rapper Proof at a packed funeral service Wednesday that included emotional pleas to end violence in the city. “Proof, he loved people, and people loved him.

What did Eminem say about proofs death?

” You don’t know where to begin when you lose somebody who’s been such a big part of your life for so long. Proof and I were brothers,” Eminem said in a statement regarding the death of his D12 partner, longtime onstage hype man and closest friend (see “D12’s Proof Shot And Killed At Detroit Club”).

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