Often asked: Does Common Rapper Have Tattoos?

Is there a rapper without tattoos?

Rapper Lil Baby explains why he has absolutely no tattoos. Tattoos are a huge part of the culture, and it’s rare you see a hip-hop artist without any. During an interview with the New York Times, Baby explains why he wanted to keep his appearance clean.

What tattoos do rappers get?

55 Hip Hop tattoos that will inspire you to get inked

  • Halsey dedicated a hand tattoo to the late rapper Juice WRLD.
  • Cardi B got a huge butterfly and floral design on her back.
  • Travis Scott revealed a new “free” tattoo on his face!
  • Chris Brown got a new Mortal Kombat tattoo on the left side of his head.

Which rappers have the best tattoos?

The #1 spot on our Best Rapper Tattoos list goes to Nipsey Hussle. His tattoos are not only iconic, but just like the man himself they are inspiring. The man has inspired countless tattoos in his remembrance. That is why this great man with great ink is on the top of our Best Rapper Tattoos list.

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Why does every rapper have tattoos?

This new generation of self-made rappers have departed from the symbols traditionally donned by face tattooed artists of the past. Instead of face tattoos serving as symbols of gang culture, violence, and criminality, the symbols chosen have become more esoteric, confessional, impulsive, and vulnerable.

Does Jay Z have tattoos?

Beyoncé and Jay-Z got matching tattoos To celebrate their union, Jay-Z and Beyoncé got matching tattoos on their ring fingers. They both sported the Roman numeral for the number four in red ink. Instead of red ink, it’s now outlined in a bold black.

Does Lil baby has any tattoo?

But you probably never noticed that Lil Baby dosen’t have ANY tattoos. In a recent in-depth interview with The New York Times, Lil Baby stated that he never wanted to be seen as a “dope boy” when handling business so he made a conscious decision to not get any tattoos. “I never saw me being a rapper,” he explained.

Who is the most tattooed rapper?

An Eminem fan who has 16 portraits of the American rapper tattooed on her body has set a new world record. Guinness World Records says Nikki Patterson, of Aberdeen, now holds the record for the most tattoos of the same musician. The nail technician was 19 when she got her first tattoo of The Real Slim Shady star.

Who is the most famous white rapper?

Here are the 25 greatest white rappers in the world:

  • Lil Dicky.
  • Machine Gun Kelly.
  • Macklemore.
  • G-Eazy.
  • Mac Miller.
  • Yelawolf.
  • Beastie Boys.
  • Eminem. Marshall Bruce Mathers III, better known by his stage name Eminem, is an American rapper, record producer, songwriter, and actor.
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Which rapper has a cross on his forehead?

Lil Wayne is touching up his ink. The Young Money boss paid a visit to celebrity tattoo artist Ivana Belakova to get the cross tattoo on his face restored. The tat sits in the middle of his forehead above his eyebrows.

What tattoos does Cardi B have?

Cardi B has at least 8 known tattoos:

  • “Belkis” on her wrist.
  • cat, cheetah on her hip.
  • “Hennessy” on her bicep.
  • “Loyalty Over Royalty” on her bicep.
  • peacock on her hip.
  • “Samuel” on her upper back.
  • “Tommy G” on her wrist.
  • I Love You hand sign behind her ear.

What does the A tattoo on Lil Peep mean?

Meaning: Peep got a tattoo of a ‘centipede’ inked on his left forearm. He used to hate these creepy-crawlies, and they used to bother him all the time. So, he got one on the inner side of his left forearm. He said, I hates these centipedes and they seem to find me and bothers me every time.

Did juice WRLD have tattoos?

( Juice also had his own “999” tattoo on his forearm, which he claimed represented making good out of bad, and also named his official merch collection using the number.) “Juice was one of the greatest people I have ever known, and one of the most brilliant artists we will ever live to witness.

Why do rappers have 17 tattoo?

Seventeen was the age when his life changed completely. He was left all alone when his heart was broken beyond repair at that time. He considered himself always the one with the broken heart. So, he had got a broken heart inked on the upper left side of his cheekbone.

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Why are so many rappers getting face tattoos?

Why do so many rappers have face tattoos? They all have the same or similar face tattoos as a sign of their individuality, ironically enough. That and most feel more hardcore and street connected even when they don’t really live that life. That’s why you can tell by the face tattoos who’s real in that life.

Who is the most famous rap artist?


  • 1 Snoop Dogg95%
  • 2 Kanye West94%
  • 3 Eminem94%
  • 4 Ice Cube93%
  • 5 Jay-Z92%
  • 6 MC Hammer91%
  • 7 Vanilla Ice91%
  • P. Diddy90%

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