Often asked: Did Pickleboy Used To Be A Rapper?

Did Michael and Bridgette really break up?

Bridgette West on Twitter: ” I BROKE UP WITH MICHAEL!

Where is Pickleboy?

Michael Brian Green (born June 2, 1987), aka KidBehindACamera aka Pickleboy, aka PlckleBITCH is a YouTube personality from South Carolina and the front runner of TheAngryGrandpaShow.

What happened to Michael from angry grandpa?

Earlier this year, Green told his son Michael that he had cancer, which he assured both his family and his fans was not a prank or joke. Though the cancer went into remission for several months, Green was diagnosed with cirrhosis in July.

Was angry grandpa an act?

No one can sustain the kind of fury that Green displays in his videos, and surely part of the Angry Grandpa character is an act. His main YouTube channel, The Angry Grandpa, has more than 164,000 subscribers and 48 million views.

Who is Jennifer Green?

Jennifer Green (born 1987) is a dance music artist from Miami, Florida whose Mike Rizzo-produced single “How Can I Be Falling” was major hit on the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart, going all the way to #1 in the April 2, 2005 issue.

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How old was angry grandpa when he died?

67 years (1950–2017)

Did Angry Grandpa have anger issues?

Personality. Angry Grandpa was known for throwing temper tantrums and fits of rage over anything, such as food, disturbances, irritations, etc. He was known to be extremely gullible. He would believe a lot of what Michael told him, as well as anything that he read on the internet.

What is angry grandma real name?

Judy Ward (born: February 18, 1944 (1944-02-18) [age 77]) better known online as the Angry Grandma, is an American YouTuber mostly known for their prank videos.

Did Angry Grandpa know Pee Wee Gaskins?

Charles was once good friends with serial killer Donald Henry “Pee Wee” Gaskins in the early 1970s. Grandpa says he was never aware that he was a murderer, but said they once got into a drunken fight in a bar, which Charles slammed his head onto the counter causing him to bleed unconsciously on the floor.

Does Angry Grandpa have autism?

Though still unsubstantiated, many believe that JC suffers from Asperger’s. In a vlog in September 2015, you can hear Michael for a brief second or two say, “leave him alone, he has Asperger’s”.

What was Angry Grandpa worth when he died?

By 2015, Green was estimated to have been worth US$1.5 million. Green had dealt with several medical conditions, including pneumonia, kidney stones, and skin cancer, the last of which had gone into remission. After collapsing at his son’s 4th of July party in 2017, Green was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis.

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Why does Angry Grandpa hate Christmas?

December 27, 2012 – Aunt Charlene passes away 3 months after Angry Grandpa posts a video saying she is in the hospital and her health was declining. This saddened him into another reason why he hates Christmas because he also lost other close family members around this time of year.

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