FAQ: What Did The Rapper 69 Do?

What rapper did 69 snitch?

6ix9ine responded by leaving a comment pointing out that Snoop did not deny the alleged existence of “paperwork” that apparently proves he once cooperated with law enforcement, making him a “snitch”.

What did 69 do to hand?

As he proceeded down, he accidentally tripped over his 1-year- old bulldog and reached out with his right hand to break his own fall. The problem is, his hand got caught in the stairway railing and broke a bone in the top of his wrist.

Is 69 out of jail right now?

The rapper Tekashi69 walked out of a federal prison on Thursday, four months short of his two-year term, thanks to a nationwide effort to stem coronavirus outbreak risks at jails and prisons, which health advocates fear might become a tinder box for infections.

What did 69 say about 21?

In order to save his own rainbow-stained ass from doing real time, 6ix9ine allegedly snitched on 21 Savage, tipping the Feds off to his status as an illegal immigrant. If you a rat I don’t respect you,” 21 Savage said in his heavy Atlanta accent. ” You are a rodent. I don’t respect you in no type way.”

Why is 69 in a cast?

8/11/2020 6:01 PM PT Tekashi 6ix9ine is in a cast after breaking his wrist in a bizarre accident at home. He tells us he felt pain, but didn’t know his wrist was broken until later in the morning when he woke up and it was still hurting. 69 says he went to the doctor and X-rays revealed the fracture.

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Why does 69 have a broken arm?

Tekashi told the outlet that as he was going to get a snack in his home at around 3 a.m., he tripped over his French bulldog and sustained the injury when trying to break his fall. Apparently, his wrist got caught in the stairway bannister and he broke a bone in the back of his wrist.

Who stole 69 chain?

A Nine Trey Bloods gangster who became so disgusted with Tekashi69′s phony image that he kidnapped the rainbow-haired rapper and stole his bling was sentenced Wednesday to 24 years in prison. Anthony “Harv” Ellison and Tekashi became friends as the rapper rocketed to viral fame in late 2017.

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