FAQ: Can I Bus Rapper?

What happen to Canibus rapper?

By the early 2000s, Canibus had a new website, a better one, called MicClub.Net. It is also sadly defunct, but you can access an archived version of it here.

Where is Canibus from?


Who was the first rapper on YouTube?

Soulja Boy was ‘the first rapper on YouTube’ The video streaming site first launched in 2005, and Soulja Boy has claimed since then that he was the first rapper to release his videos on YouTube.

Did Eminem diss Canibus?

Em stated how Wyclef and Canibus approached him in 1998 (before EM blew up) and asked if he ghost-wrote the lyrics to LL Cool J’s “The Ripper Strikes Back” which was a diss to Canibus. After EMINEM denied writing the song, he explains that Canibus was rude to him.

What rapper died on March 9th?

On March 9, 1997, gangsta rapper The Notorious B.I.G. (Christopher Wallace) was killed in a still-unsolved drive-by shooting in Los Angeles; he was 24. In 1841, the U.S. Supreme Court, in United States v.

How much is Busta Rhymes worth 2019?

Busta Rhymes’ net worth is 65 million dollars. Since his debut in the music industry as well as the movie and fashion industries, he has amassed a large amount of money and engaged in various projects which have attributed to his wealth.

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