Does Anthony Rapp Know The Real Paul Stametz?

What happens to Stamets in Discovery?

Stamets is the spore drive’s navigator who was imbued with tardigrade DNA that allows him to interface with the mycelial network. Without Paul, the spore drive can’t work, which is why Burnham ensured that Stamets was banished from Discovery, for his and the starship’s protection.

Who is the chief engineer of Discovery?

Commander Paul Stamets is the U.S.S. Discovery’s science officer and chief engineer, and was the partner of the late Dr. Hugh Culber.

Do Stamets and Culber get back together?

Season 2 saw Culber question a lot about his life post-resurrection, including his relationship with Stamets. The two ultimately came back together at the season’s end, acknowledging they’ve both changed but can move forward.

Is Paul Stamets on Star Trek named after?

The character Lieutenant Commander Paul Stamets on the CBS series Star Trek: Discovery was named after the real Stamets. The fictional version is an astromycologist and engineer aboard the USS Discovery, and is credited with discovering how to navigate a mycelial network in space using a “spore drive”.

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Who is Paul Stamets wife?

Stamets 7® is blend of 7 mushrooms formulated for daily immune support. Stamets 7 builds foundational immunity for day-to-day maintenance of immune function. * This blend of 5 mushroom mycelium extracts provides targeted immune support for times of stress and discomfort.

What happened Keyla Detmer?

The simplest explanation is that Detmer is injured, or her cybernetic implant is damaged. The character appears perfectly normal before the landing, but receives a nasty head injury during the crash. It’s entirely possible that she’s still groggy from a bump on the head.

Is LT Stamets dead?

Stamets was injured during the battle near Xahea, and was in a comatose state, treated in sickbay when the Discovery crossed into the 32nd century. Afterwards, he was presumed dead by Starfleet, based on the testimonies of the USS Enterprise senior officers.

Are Culber and Stamets married?

Stamets and Culber are indeed unmarried on CBS All Access’ “Discovery.” (According to Wilson Cruz, who plays Culber, the characters are two years into a committed relationship.) But according to Berg and fellow showrunner Aaron Harberts, death is not the end for Culber or “the married couple.”

Is Hugh dead in discovery?

For his service during the Federation-Klingon War, Culber was posthumously awarded the Starfleet Medal of Honor. Culber, who had been trapped in the mycelial plane since his death, was resurrected by the jahSepp incarnation of May Ahearn and the jahSepp in 2257, following a mission to rescue Sylvia Tilly.

What happened to the doctor in Star Trek: Discovery?

Wilson Cruz’ Doctor Hugh Culber was brutally murdered close to the end of the first season of Star Trek: Discovery, but he came back in a very Star Trek way, resurrected from the mycelial network early in season two.

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How many patents does Paul Stamets have?

Paul Stamets on Seven Mycoattractant and Mycopesticide Patents released to Commons!

Does Paul Stamets teach?

Paul Stamets has been teaching mushroom seminars for over 30 years. With over 4 decades of experience in the forest, laboratory and grow room, Paul has always felt the need to impart his extensive knowledge of mushrooms to others.

How old is Paul Stamets?

66 years (July 17, 1955)

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