Did Rapper Really Die On X Factor?

Did a singer die on X Factor?

In 2014, former X Factor contestant Simone Battle died by suicide. She had been part of a girl group called G.R.L. Read on to find out more about the 25-year-old singer, and how her band mates responded to her tragic death.

Did a rapper died on America’s got talent?

Brandon Rogers has one of the most tragic stories to come out of America’s Got Talent. In 2017, the singer died in a car accident before his audition for the show even aired.

Did anyone die on America got talent?

Matt Mauser’s performance aired on Tuesday’s episode of the talent show. Mauser’s wife Christina Mauser died on 26 January 2020 in the Calabasas helicopter crash that left nine people dead, including Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna.

What happened to Rachel X Factor?

Rachel – branded the rudest X Factor performer ever after being ejected by a security guard last month in front of 10 million viewers – told judges she had been jobless for years.

How did Vaikoon boonthanom die?

In 2005, Thailand’s Bangkok Trade and Exhibition Centre hosted a “Fear Factor”-inspired event and brought in rising pop singer Vaikoon Boonthanom to take part, according to IOL. Boonthanom died of brain injuries after being hit with a barrel during a stunt.

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How much does AGT winner actually get?

It reads, “The prize, which totals $1,000,000, is payable in a financial annuity over 40 years, or the contestant may choose to receive the present cash value of such annuity.”

Has anyone gotten seriously injured on AGT?

Has anyone gotten hurt on ‘AGT’? While contestants aim to be as safe as possible, there have been injuries on America’s Got Talent. He luckily didn’t get too hurt. There has been at least one other accident and one near-accident that was prevented by the judges.

Has anyone ever died on Wipeout?

A cause of death has been revealed for the Wipeout contestant who died after taking on the obstacle course in November. Michael Paredes died of a heart attack and also suffered from undetected coronary artery disease, according to a report from the L.A. County coroner’s office obtained by EW.

Where is Panda Ross now?

Well, Yahoo! is happy and relieved to report that Panda is alive and well–and 60 pounds slimmer, thanks to recent gastric bypass surgery–and she did recover from her illness in time to attend to Boot Camp.

Are AGT contestants paid?

To simply answer the question, the contestants do not receive any salary or payment for their appearances on the show. However, their living expenses are covered by the show. For each day of filming, the contestants (and their guardian, if applicable) each receive an allowance of $25 for other expenses.

Why did Simon cry at Josh Daniel’s audition?

Josh Daniel Makes Simon Cowell Cry He chose to sing Labrinth’s ā€œJealous,ā€ which he related to his grief.

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